Our Proven Search Process

Process-driven for Unparalleled Results

Our recruitment and client management professionals adhere to a meticulous, multi-disciplinary search and qualification process to ensure the right fit for our clients’ needs, as well as a smooth transition from sought-after candidate to valued employee:

1. Comprehensive Intake 

  • Maximum up-front investment to understand the position and company so we can craft your “story”
    Baseline data gathering: Company history, mission, values, culture, perks, future opportunities
  • In-depth Job Requisition conversations with Hiring Managers/Key Stakeholders to glean the critical intangibles and nuances above and beyond the limitations of the job description
  • In-depth analysis of skill/experience requirements to determine “MUST have vs. NICE to have”

2. Research

Develop a custom research strategy based on intake process findings, job description and company information

  • Apply proven head-hunting methodologies to target and identify 40-50 top-tier matched Candidates (More than 85% of our placements were not actively searching for a new role)
  • Leverage substantial investments in state-of-the-art industry resources and technology
    • Proprietary, six-figure database (not found on job boards)
    • Refined Professional Network
    • Industry databases, virtual communities, publications, data providers

3. Recruitment & Assessment

Achieve a complete understanding of the Candidate’s experience, skills, motivation and needs – simultaneously selling them on the merits of the opportunity with you

  • Identify talent from direct competitors and relevant/complimentary industries
  • Thoroughly gauge Candidates against MUST HAVE skills
  • Evaluate their personality, communication skills, disposition, personal interests, aspirations

4. Candidate Presentation

Compile a Deep Dive Candidate Profile Summary presenting a holistic understanding of the Candidate, well above and beyond the limitations of the resume, including:Current Status, Location/Relocation Needs, Compensation Expectations, Start Date Availability, Interview Availability, Communication Skills, Recruiter Summary, Candidate Highlights (Noteworthy Skills, Experiences, Accomplishments), Pertinent Skill/Experience Q&A, Self-Ranking Questionnaire and Resume

5. Client Interview Process Management

The essence of our value-add. Identify key issues/opportunities that may not surface during interviews – manage expectations and avoid missteps that could waste your time/derail the process:

  • Facilitate Client/Candidate interview scheduling
  • Post Client/Candidate interview briefings
  • Ongoing management of expectations
  • Feedback delivery and interpretation

6. Offer Presentation & Negotiation

Speaking with Candidates over 20 times throughout the recruitment process uniquely positions us to ensure that the Candidate you want accepts your offer

  • “Pre-close” Candidates prior to offer
  • Manage disparities and negotiate resolutions
  • Present offer (KDS-Offer Acceptance Rate- 94% vs. Client-Offer Acceptance Rate-78%)

7. Resignation, Counteroffer & Day 1 Management

Although most believe the process is over upon offer acceptance, KDS remains fully engaged to consult/guide both Client and Candidate through a successful Day 1:

  • How to resign appropriately/legally
  • Navigating counteroffers and the unseen risks that come with them
  • Ending engagements with other employers/recruiters
  • Advise and manage relocation logistics
  • Manage timeline from offer – to resignation – to start date